Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Losing My Edge

I saw LCD Soundsystem at the Sonar Club tonight - they rocked out. My favorites were "Losing My Edge" and "Yeah"- songs from their 12"'s. The opener the Juan Maclean were as disappointing as their debut record - and their 12"'s were so promising.

James Murphy is my hero by the way - a rockstar that is chubby! F those skinny tight pants emo boys. Murphy was a master of the dual cowbell! Plus the emotionless asian keyboardist girl was awesome.

They had some DJ name Sh*t Robot "warm up" the crowd - it was utterly boring except for pretentious dance students taking digital pictures of themselves in the spotlights. Striking poses. . . LAME!

Like a jackass, I bought a Mega Millions ticket for the big drawing tonight. LOST!

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