Sunday, November 06, 2005

Delving into the Fiber Arts

Haven't done anything creative in sometime now. Yesterday, took an embroidery workshop with my cousin. Of course, the only thing on my mind was food, so here is my sewing debut! Does it look like striated tongue or poo? You make the call.


Keith said...

The writing is good. Your beginner's skill is very admirable. But it is your subject matter's clash with the medium and scale which makes it looks like Two Turds On A Stick and a Cheshire Cat. Yang's Repast of Tongue will have to be larger. Then again, striated tongue kind of does look like turds, so you should suggest the twisting around itself. Showing the stick will make it look like chunky poo. I'm pretty sure that caveman embroiderers didn't hesitate to use sewn writing as labels. But, since your aim is higher, I suggest more suggestion of greasy glistening, and how about a split lemon rather than a slice? I guess that would just look like a tit and a bicycle wheel.

Cynthia Brand said...

It's a blog and thus he can do it how he wants. Your blog is also good. In it's way. Peece.