Thursday, November 03, 2005

Opening up

Since this is my first blog, I worry how personal one should be on these things. I can't really discuss much about my job for privacy issues, but in terms of my personal life, how deep and potentially raw should i be? Observations, feelings - what should i share? I think i am pretty open, but there are always some secrets. . .


Kajbaj said...

I couldn't resist your last post. Annoying, though, that they make you sign up for your own blog in order to respond! Is that a feature you can disable? Do you only want non-anonymous comments?
I like to read blogs, and I find 3 major types:
1)People put personal information on - which is fine, but this is public property, so you can't be surprised when people then, you know, know stuff
2)People use their blog to tell about stuff that happened in their day - and you can do that, just change names/places/exact situations
3)Blogs containing funny anecdotes, cool website links, etc. or personal rants/philosophies/etc.
I think that the best way to do it is to totally anonymize your blog. That way only people whom you tell will know that it is you, and everyone else won't. This seems to me the most successful way to tell personal things, work-related things, etc. without it potentially biting you in the ass or making you regret it down the line.

Keith said...

Let's start off with some backdoor action!

Talk about your esoteric secrets of pop culture. The 7 year rule. Details about your shameful fashion yearning. House M.D. fanfic. Better - Ghost Whisperer fanfic.

Write as if you are writing for Miss Asia Argento.

Misdina Mustafa said...

Hi Howard! Im new to this blog thing too. A good friend of mine introduce it to me. I wasnt pretty much in IT, but later I turned out to be addicted to it. Its more fun when u have things to share to poeple. U can even brag about things that u see or do but with nice pictures like the one you have, makes em to enjoy the fun that u had. Its more like looking things in other poeples perspective. So have fun!