Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wilderness and Parts & Labor at the Floristree Space

My cuz and I went to the Floristree Space tonight to see Baltimore's own Wilderness play with fellow JagJaguwar label mate Parts & Labor opening.
First off, tonight was much better attended than my last time at the Floristree Space. Brooklyn's Parts & Labor opened, and despite some initial technical difficulties with a blown fuse, were pretty good. They play a hard, thrashy rock with keyboard and effects. The drummer had the worst posture by the way.
Wilderness followed, and they were amazing- reminded me of the Chicage bands on Touch & Go I liked back in the 90's. The drummer and bass player were tight and furious. The singer, whose voice my cousin found annoying, reminded me of Johnny Lydon. To me, his voice fit with the music. I also liked his stiff white boy robot/popping dance. The band was really good a building their instrumentals up into strong, realized melodic crescendos. All in all, another great show at Floristree, which might be my favorite venue in Baltimore now. Excepter plays there at the end of the month.

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