Sunday, May 07, 2006

Andrew Lampert at the Whitney Biennial

Yesterday, spent the day in NYC to see my good friend Andrew Lampert, present his installation piece "Varieties of Slow" as well as performing with cellist Okkyung Lee in "Okkyung Duet"
Overall, the Whitney Biennial was hit and miss. I liked the Daniel Johnston and Taylor Mead drawings as well as the Jim O'Rourke installation and a fake trailer for a Caligula remake.
Andy's performance was great- he used several super 8 projectors cranked at different speeds and projected films side by side and overlapping, creating a unique image while Okkyung Lee improvised on the cello.
It was also nice to see his father and sister there. I haven't seen them in years. I can't believe one of my friends in an emminent artist now. That's so weird. I'm glad for him.

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