Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Walkmen with Mazarin and The Cobbs at the Theatre for the Living Arts

I was in Philly last night at the Theatre for the Living Arts on South St. to see the Walkmen play in support of their latest record, A Hundred Miles Off. Nice venue, not very crowded, but the Philly crowd was a little sedate. Opening was a duo, The Cobbs. They both played guitar, and were accompanied by a dvd of the drummer who was projected behind them, a nice touch. I liked them some- a lot of energy, reminded me some of FIlm School the night before, but their songs seemed to sound the same by the end of the set.
Next up was Mazarin, a Philly band. Their music is psychedelic tinged rock- I liked them a lot- good songs and loud. I didn't realize that their song "Another One Goes By" is covered by the Walkmen on the new album. I liked their version better possibly.
Mazarin - "Another One Goes By"

The Walkmen have been one of my favorite bands to see live since I saw them at the Casbah in San Diego a few years ago. I love how intense the lead singer is on stage- reminding me of punk rock. His screaming on "The Rat" is amazing, and I wonder how his voice holds up for a show. The first two times I saw them, they opened with this song and he finished the show with no problems.
My cousin also reminded me how most lead singers nowadays are very effeminate and she said she liked how Hamilton Leithauser had a manly presence. I have only heard the new record a couple times, but the new songs were great live. For "Louisiana", they invited two young ladies to play trumpet onstage. These guys remain one of my favorite new bands out there now. Great show.

Download their 9:30 Club show at the NPR site.

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