Saturday, May 20, 2006

Trockeneis Record Release Party

Tonight, after comedy, I went to the H & H Building, 5th floor for the Ehse records release party for Trockeneis, a local experimental group. Great turnout which included Ian from True Vine, Jason from Floristree Space, and Nautical Almanac's Twig Harper.

Opening was HARIAS, an electronic and guitar duo featuring Jenny Graf (Metalux) and Chiara Giovando. They were similar to Metalux in that they played off of each other using their instruments as well as voices.

Second was Alessadro Bosetti, an Italian free saxophonist. He played his soprano saxophone sans reed initially- relying on air and spit. His performace was quiet, accompanied by the loft cat meowing, the floor creaking, and people urinating.

Trockeneis put on a really great performance. They are a five piece with the lovely Audrey Chen on vocals whose singing reminded me of a female EYE. The remaining members all did percussion- relying on a lot of friction on items like saws and a drum kit- they also bowed metal.
Additionally, they all had blocks of dry ice in front of each of them which they would use by touching various metal items like cymbals, bells, and pans to create a squeaking sound as they contacted the dry ice- reminded me of icebergs creaking. Great sounds- really novel to watch them perform.

Trockeneis - Side 1, Cut 1
Trockeneis - Side 1, Cut 2

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