Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Found Vs. Postsecret

Tonight, local indie bookstore, Atomic Books, hosted, at the Golden West Cafe, a night with the creators of Found Magazine and Post Secret. A great turnout- very Bo-bo- people in garden clogs, Patagonia, linen, and a distubing number of open-toed shoes for a cold spring evening.
First up, Atomic's Benn introduced Davy Rothbart to the stage. I had no idea the picture of the psyched trophy bowlers in the first Found book was found here in Baltimore. Awesome.
Frank Warren of Post Secret shared some of his postcards: some were funny or dirty whereas others were sad or inspirational. I should check out his book. He started the project as an exhibit and handed out self addressed and stamped blank postcards to people for them to send him their secrets, and this grew into something larger. He now gets hundreds of secrets a day, and blogs them weekly.
Davy Rothbart then presented various items from Found which were really funny, and then his brother Pete came up and sang a couple of songs including my fav "The Booty Don't Stop"!

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