Thursday, March 09, 2006

Life in the Steam Tunnels. . .

After a discussion with a friend of mine about how Napoleon's Uncle Rico was Lazlo in a previous movie life as well as a recent Thighs Wide Shut separated at birth comparison, I was excited to see Real Genius on Showtime HD. I had forgotten that Martha Coolidge directed this gem from my youth. She also did one of my favorites, Valley Girl- covering the span of iconic 80's misfits like Freaks and Geeks!
First, I realized that I had never seen this movie letterboxed - it's got an enormous aspect ratio which improves the film when you see it this way, as you don't need to see the Sarah Jessica Parker kid so up close.
Second, what happened to the career of nerd dreamgirl Jordan (Michelle Mayrink)?
The film is as good as I remember -a real throwback - great soundtrack ("All She Wants to do is Dance", Everybody Wants to Rule the World", "One Night Love Affair"), nerds partying with cosmetologists (which I should do), nerdy pranks, a wickedly charming Val Kilmer, and in the end, a message against the Military Industrial Complex. This is certainly no My Science Project, and has a little more heart than Weird Science.

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