Saturday, March 18, 2006

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I wanted to see this film in the theaters last year, but missed it. I got the UK dvd this week and watched it finally. It's great - very noir in theme. It follows Harry (Robert Downey, Jr.), a thief turned aspiring actor, who hooks up with Gay Perry (Val Kilmer), a detective hired to teach him about P.I. work. They get caught up in a plot involving several bodies turning up and Harry's dreamgirl from the past, Harmony (Michelle Monaghan). It's funny and has a very self-deprecating style. Kilmer is great in it, and I actually enjoyed Downey as well. The real find is Monaghan- she was in the Hollywood Vanity Fair issue as The Knockout, and in this movie, it's very true. Waka waka.

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