Monday, March 27, 2006

Annie at the Black Cat

Last night, after the last No.1 seed in the NCAA Tourney was eliminated, I went to see Swedish electro pop dj, Annie play at the Black Cat. When I got to DC, I went back to Ben's Chili Bowl and had a chili half-smoke and, this time, a vanilla milk shake. Real ice cream - delicious.
The opener was DJ DK- a mashup dj- he was ok. I read a book while he spun. The opener Shy Child had a lot of energy, but they were limited by the fact that they only have 2 members- one with a keyboard, the other with drums - a one not disco punk band.
Annie played late- short set, too. It was an average performance. She only has one record with 2 good singles on it, and although she played some new songs, they were only ok. I spent most of the time looking at her underwear cause her jeans kept sliding down. 'Nuff said.

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