Monday, October 16, 2006

The Wire 4.5 - Margin of Error

Lester is one more step closer to finding out where Chris and Snoop are hiding Marlo's bodies, through Randy, Prez, Daniels, and Carver.
I loved seeing Namond's mother, a stage mother for a future criminal. She should consider trading down her car, or else her son is going to end up in one of the empty rowhouses.
Omar's got framed! Mcnulty knew Omar wouldn't kill people outside of "the game"- Omar's got ethics in his actions, always has. I was worried he was going to get killed tonight by Marlo's people, but what a relief McNulty let him call Butchie to get help in the form of the plastic knife.
The voting site at the library is the branch right here in my neighborhood of Federal Hill. They also dropped a reference to the Mark Steiner radio show on the local NPR station.

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