Saturday, October 07, 2006

Battlestar Galactica 3.1/3.2 - Occupation/Precipice

It's oh so nice to have Battlestar Galactica resuming. After last year's ending, the show has taken an interesting turn now with most of our heroes living on a planet occupied by the cylons.
Last night's 2 episode season opener was pretty great. The webisodes had a tie-in to last night in that they showed how Jammer was seduced to the dark side by the Kevin Spacey cylon and how the suicide bomber lost his wife.
What I loved about the episode: the crazy Kara/Leoben/Casey love child, fat-ass Lee with the body double, the cylon debates with each other and Caprica Six's dispatching before Baltar's submission, Sharon/Boomer coming to the human side, and Roslin and Zarek patching things up before facing the cylon death squads.

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Cynthia Brand said...

I am interviewing Jamie Bamber soon. Any questions?