Friday, October 27, 2006

Battlestar Galactica 3.5 - Collaborators

I love Galactica! This week was no different. Cool episode.
Poor Jammer didn't deserve to be sucked out the launch tube. The characters, particularly Tigh and Kara, were so emotional and angry in the aftermath of the Cylon occupation. Nice analogy to our current situation with Presidential ordered tribunals to try the collaborators. The shades of grey. . .the shades of grey.
By the way, Lucy Lawless is way hotter now than when she was Xena. What gives?
I loved how Baltar is the weasel to the end. He's so great.


sunmonkey said...

Yang: You are the BG spoiler. If I get these on the DVD, and watch 'em all at once, I will know what goin' to happen cause I am a KushiTan. Can you post these updates in code or something?

There are not many joys in the world.


lickingpants said...

Jammer deserved it. Working for the enemy, part of a mass killing.