Monday, October 30, 2006

The Decemberists at 9:30 Club

I went tonight to the 9:30 Club to see The Decemberists play a sold out show.
Opening was an LA band, Lavender Diamond. The lead singer told the audience she grew up in Maryland and had gone to see shows at the old 9:30 club, so she was excited and a bit nervous. Her voice was shaky at first, but once she got into her set, she was pretty fun to listen, too, mainly due to her enthusiasm and her scattered onstage dialogue.
I really like that on the Decemberists' new record The Crane Wife, they take an art rock kind of sound. The band really seemed to enjoy playing the new songs live, and they played one of the best sets I've seen from any band this year. I was surprised by the number of female fans at the show. Alright!
I think the fact that so many of their songs are like sea shanties that people really enjoy singing along to their songs.
I loved their stage set with the red lanterns and the nice Asian backdrop. Kind of missed Petra on backup vocals, but the new member, Lisa was still pretty good. Colin Meloy also told a joke onstage with the drummer.
Colin: "Have you tried coffee with chicoree?"
John (drummer): "No, but I've done blow with Kenny G."
Big belly laugh ensues.
They also did a cool cover of "Divide and Conquer" by Husker Du.
Tomorrow night's Decemberists show is going to be on NPR.

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lickingpants said...

Petra is awesome...... Lisa.....vocals need some work.