Saturday, August 12, 2006

Celebration, Low Moda, and The Beach House at the Ottobar

Last night's show was a cool demonstration of the local Baltimore music scene at the Ottobar.
Opening up was The Beach House, described by many as shoegazer, but I think it reminds me more of the Moonpix Cat Power record. This was my second time seeing them, and I really like these guys. Singer Victoria's voice is nice to hear, she's got a raspy-smoky-nasal timbre. They are releasing their record on Carpark Records in October.
The second band was Low Moda, a band with a postpunk kind of sound. I was impressed by the last time I saw them, but it was cooler to see them on a stage with a/c working. I really like the viola sound accompanying the staccato guitar riffs in their sound.
Headlining was Celebration, a local act who released an album on 4AD last year. They have a fun no wave kind of disco sound, and a lot of energy on stage. I liked that they had no guitars - only an organ, drumkit, and sax. Singer Katrina was really fun onstage as well.
Go Baltimore music!

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