Sunday, August 20, 2006

Louis Moholo-Moholo, Zim Ngqawana, and Ernest Dawkins at An Die Musik

Last night, my friends Andy and Melinda from NYC came into town, and Andy recommended we go to see South African jazz drummer Louis Moholo-Moholo in his only East Coast tour date this year. He was playing at local free music/jazz/classical space, An Die Musik. He was accompanied by another African jazz musician, saxophonist/pianist Zim Ngqawana (you click when saying his last name) and saxophonist Ernest Dawkins.
The show was amazing- the three musicians all had a lot of control and restraint in their improv that less experienced players often lack. Moholo-Moholo was awesome- he was a frakin' samurai on the drums. I loved his facial expressions when he played- he reminded me of the shogun assasin and Zatoichi.
Ngqawana (click) was pretty amazing blowing various saxes - soprano, alto, and baritone, as well as on the piano and singing. Dawkins was also entertaining - my favorite part was when he laughed as he played his saxophone.
Yet another cool show in this great space for avant-garde shows- no mics!

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