Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Tool: Paris

It was the final episode of The Bachelor Paris last night, and between the dark and emotional girl Moana and miss kindergarten sunshine Sarah, the tool Dr. "i have cut abs, but i hate french food and carry a limited vocabulary" Travis picked the safe one, Sarah. I think he made the right pick for him. I get the sense that despite his outdoorsy nature, like many doctors I know, he's not the kind of man whose is all that interesting, and someone more worldly and savvy like Moana was would not be right for him. I also liked how Moana showed no emotion in front of him at her rejection - you go girl! (did i say that?) Keep it up! And I genuinely felt bad for her especially when she said that "the good girl always wins, guys like that don't marry girls like me." I just wanted to say "that's ok, he's a bit of a tool."
Perusing the blog responses to the show, it's interesting - I think that certain people root for each of the women - safe/nice Sarah vs. wild/deeply emotional Moana (friendship to romance vs crazy love). More women bloggers prefer Sarah whereas a lot of men prefer Moana. Is it a sex thing?

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Cynthia Brand said...

Don't think it's just a sex thing, although for the kind of women who choose to blog about the show, it may be. Matt and I definitely sided with crazy Moana but in the end thought she was too complex for Travis. And now, Sarah and Travis have broken up anyway as they claim the months apart post-taping and pre-finale have strained their relationship. Of course, I say that's BS. If a relationship was meant to be, it wouldn't have worked and they would have had time to see each other (ie Trista and Ryan, Byron and Mary and Charlie and Sarah).

BUT they have picked up the Bachelor for another season, so BRING IT ON!