Monday, February 13, 2006

Curling: Sport of the Future

After discovering the US Women's Curling team has the lovely Cassie Johnson as it's Skip, I was compelled to watch the USA vs. Norway match this morning on CNBC. It was a riveting match, but alas despite leading twice, the more experienced Norweigian team won.
Curling is really fun to watch for several reasons: the announcers have strong Minnesota accents, there is an appeal to watching a sport where the athletes don't have to be the most fit - they look like us normals, there is strategy much like billiards, of course, the lovely Johnson sisters, and the brooming - combining physics of friction on ice to change the course of the stones - so cool. Besides, it's much more exciting than luge, speedskating, bobsledding and cross country skiing because all you're watching is the clock or hoping someone will fall or crash.

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