Sunday, February 26, 2006

Eating Brooklyn

So this weekend, I was up in Brooklyn visiting Len, Melissa, Andy and Melinda, fellow food obsessed friends, 3 out of 4 with a St. Louis connection. Saturday for lunch, Andy drove us in the Shopsin's minivan to Defonte's in Red Hook. Andy said the place was a sandwich haven for truckers in the area. When we pulled up, we saw a few parked cabs and trucks, a good sign. The sandwiches were delicious.
Len and Melissa split the roast beef, mozarella and eggplant. Andy and I got the proscuitto, eggplant, mozarella, and hot pepper relish (pictured). We ate in the van, and it was great.
Later in the evening, plans for Korean BBQ fell through due to someone's gastrointestinal distress, but instead we found Rapfogel, and drove out to Brighton to Cafe Kashkar, an Uzbek restaurant. The cuisine was an interesting mix of afghani food with some Korean and Chinese elements. The waiter only spoke Russian, so we had to point at the menu. We started with a julienned carrot salad and an eggplant, pepper, and garlic salad in addition to several lamb dumplings. This was followed by several fantastic kabobs - we split lamb, ground beef, liver (tastiest liver i've had), lamb ribs, and veal (the best). All accompanied by rice, bread, and Uzbek music videos playing on the TV. Jed also had a bowl of noodle soup reminiscent of Chinese noodles with meat.

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