Saturday, February 18, 2006

Battlestar Galactica 2.17- The Captain's Hand

An action-packed Galactica episode last night - yay, Pegasus survives, and with Lee as the new commander of the ship, it's likely it will stay around for a little while. Great space battle scenes with the more modern battlestar and vipers vs. 3 basestars. I loved the shot of the forward batteries firing from Pegasus. Another noted actor guest star - John Heard - buys the farm! No Apollo in jeopardy this week, but interesting developments: the Lee-Kara-Dee triangle, the abortion argument, and Baltar's political manuevering. Next week looks cool with the all-cylon episode! I can't believe the season's almost over - only 3 more episodes remain. ):

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Kajbaj said...

Get out!!! Only 3 more episodes remain? I didn't realize!!!! Pre-emptive mourning commences...

Baltar, my boyfriend, is freaking AWESOME. What a brilliant way to undermine Roslin, and over abortion, no less. I second Six's slow clap to him.