Monday, September 11, 2006

The Wire 4.1 - Boys of Summer

I am really happy about all the critical praise circling around the start of the fourth season of The Wire. Steven King wrote up an essay on the show in EW. Even Patton Oswalt has plugged the show on his site. I started following the show when I lived in Vegas. At first, with the accents and scenes, it reminded me of home. Now that I am back in Baltimore, the local issues are more significant, but I think the show's themes still carry a more universal commentary on America.
The first episode finally premiered last night, and it's like it never left. The new storylines with the children and the school system looks to be really interesting. I was already moved by events around the kid, Randy- who unwillingly gets involved in the game despite his attempts to stay legit on the streets- he only sells candy and chips on the street.

I met one of the kids a few weeks back at the season 3 dvd release. He told me he was a car thief on the show.
My other favorite moments: the briefings of the teachers and the police, Carver and Brodie on the corner, McNulty and Bunk talking about old times, and the ominous line of vacant rowhomes at the end.
As a local, I recognized the parking lot where Fruit is shot as the lot under I-83 near Saratoga, and of course, where Carcetti spends his time brooding at the end is right up a few blocks in my Federal Hill neighborhood.

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