Friday, September 15, 2006

Supporting the Peeps on Survivor: Cook Islands

The new "controversial" Survivor season kicked off last night. It's controversial because teams are divided amongst races - the white team (Rago), the African-american team (Hiki), the hispanic team (Aitu), and the Asian-american team (Puka). The worry is about stereotypes being reinforced even though the teams thought they would be dispelled. However, the Asian team won the puzzle in the challenge, and the African-american team fared poorly in the water part of the challenge. Uh-oh.
Puka did win- yay my peeps. Personally I liked Cao Bui, the older FOB ("fresh off the boat") Vietnamese guy. The American born members of the team should pay attention to his potential "old country" wisdom.
Hot reality girl award goes to Parvati (?) on the Rago tribe. I think the name is Indian (asian) so props to this foxy boxer. Her profile says she did boxing for Perfect 10 - a class operation.

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