Thursday, January 11, 2007

Emily Haines & Soft Skeleton with Tall Firs at 9:30 Club

The 9:30 Club was really cold last night for the Emily Haines show. It was also my first seated show there. To top that off, DC now has a smoking ban in all bars and clubs!
Opening up was a band called Tall Firs. I was a little disappointed in their low-key electro-acoustic style at first, but after their third song I began to enjoy their set. I liked it when they played off each other's guitar sounds, and I actually was enjoying a dissonant section when they stopped and admitted they had goofed up on a song.

Emily Haines was really good. Upon first listen to her record, it was really quiet and a little boring, but the songs live were much better. I didn't think she needed to have a projector and a Powerbook for visuals because it was nice just to watch her play music.
I enjoyed her crowd banter, and was really impressed by her humble nature. She's considered one of the "indie hotties", but she was very sweet. She ended with a really nice cover of Neil Young's "Expecting to Fly".

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Smur said...

Nice man way to keep us update. I've never been to a seated at 9:30 club.