Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Beach House and High Water at Floristree Space

Last night after the movies, I returned to the Floristree Space for a show. It was the CD release for local band Arbouretum on Thrill Jockey.
Opening was a band called Highwater. They were pretty interesting- a quartet featuring drums, bass, keyboard and cello. They had a nice slow rock sound and the lead singer reminded me of Neil Young and John Fogerty.
Up next was local "Pitchfork effect" band, The Beach House. They have been getting a lot of blogger buzz since their debut release last year. I'm glad that in Baltimore, they still play DIY places like Floristree. They introduced a few new songs that sounded great.
Alas, I was tired after they were done, so I missed the headliners. Sorry.

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SEECOY said...

is this howard? i stumbled here through chaunte's blog. if so, how are you?