Monday, September 24, 2007

Genesis at the Verizon Center, DC

Last night, went with a bunch of friends from high school to see the great band Genesis play on their Turn It On Again Tour at the Verizon Center in DC.
We started the night at a bar that also turned out to be the meetup for the Genesis fan club. It was good warming up to fine beer and Genesis on the PA.
The concert was great. On this tour, the band is playing more of their classic hits like "In the Cage", "The Carpet Crawlers", "Ripples", and "Firth of Fifth". They sounded fantastic. I am personally a fan of their 70's music the most, and I loved it.
A moment I found amusing was that immediately following a medley of classics like "In the Cage", the band started playing "Hold on my Heart", a newer song, so I decided to run to the restroom. When I first went in, the men's room was empty, but then, dozens of guys started showing up as well, all with the same idea that we didn't really like the latest stuff.


Anonymous said...

me too. hold on my heart is a perfect toilet break song. i saw them in Manchester England, it was great to see them back. i just hope one day it is with Gabriel again. He has stated recently that he isn't against the idea, but it won't be 2008. lets hope he is up for it in 2009.
Al in Liverpool , england

Shawn said...

I'm a big fan of early Genesis/Peter Gabriel/Steve Hackett. I've seen Genesis four times post-Gabriel but couldn't bring myself to see this tour. I moved to Baltimore from DC two years ago and love it. You see some really great shows. I was at the Matmos show you blogged about.