Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Iris Dement at the Rams Head Tavern

Over the weekend, I went to Annapolis to the Rams Head Tavern to see folk-gospel artist Iris Dement play.
I've been a fan of her music since college, and I haven't seen her play in about 12 years. Last saw her in the Sidebar in St. Louis where I had seen Sleater-Kinney play as well.
This was a different venue. Annapolis is really white, especially if you compare it to Baltimore. Also, the Rams Head crowd was much older. I swear I was probably closer in age to Iris than the audience.
Her voice has aged a little, and she can't hit some of her higher notes, but the songs are still beautiful.
I had planned on trying to see Menomena in DC afterwards, but her show was so good I stayed for the whole thing and just went home afterwards.

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