Saturday, February 10, 2007

Vetiver and Vashti Bunyan at Rock & Roll Hotel

Last night, I went to a venue that opened last year in DC, the Rock & Roll Hotel, to see, again, Vetiver and Vashti Bunyan. The space was pretty nice, and the sound was good at low volume, but when they cranked the system, it was just ok.
I caught the last part of the opener Vandaveer from DC. They were alright- his songs were nice.
Vashti Bunyan then played. She was so soft spoken on stage, but her songs were nice. Accompanying her were some of the musicians from last week's Carnegie Hall show as well as the cellist from the Espers.

Vetiver followed, and they were pretty great. They started by playing a fantastic song by Bobby Charles. Andy Cabic said that the album it's on is not in print, but that the record was produced by Rick Danko and had members of the The Band on it.
Vetiver played a more mellow set at the Carnegie Hall show, but last night, they rocked out more, which was pretty great.

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