Monday, November 06, 2006

The Wire 4.8 - "Corner Boys"

I love that the police on The Wire hang out drinking and singing along to The Pogues. I also enjoyed hearing Chris and Snoop using the identification of Baltimore club music to weed out the New York City interlopers.
The scene where Carcetti shadows Homicide was hilarious, too.
There were a few "breakups" - Bunk and McNulty, and Burrell and Rawls. I also suspect Prop Joe might have some ulterior motive in ordering the New York bodies into the open- perhaps setting up Marlo.
The reference to education being a dangerous issue to elections reflects on the current gubernatorial race in Maryland with Baltimore's Mayor O'Malley, the inspiration for the Carcetti character, really getting dinged by the Republican incumbent Ehrlich for his failure to improve the education system in the city.
Mr. Handjerker out.

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